Lazy Pirate Axe Throwing

One of the fastest growing sports and bar activities is Axe Throwing. Not only great exercise, but a lot of fun for men and women. Axe Throwing is a target sport, similar to darts. Players stand behind the foul line, approximately 10 feet from the target and throw their axe into the target. The targets are labeled like most target sports, with the highest points in the bullseye, and decreasing the further your axe lands from the center. At the end of the game, players add up their throws and the highest score wins.

When you come to the Lazy Pirate Axe Throwing, you’ll start by signing our waiver. Once your group has checked in, a coach will give you a short safety lesson to make sure that everyone handles axes and other items properly and no one gets hurt. Each group is put into an arena (cage) and the coach teaches each person to throw individually.

We start everyone with a two-handed throw for simplicity. While this may not seem “natural”, it is the easiest to learn. Just like learning to throw a baseball, what comes naturally isn’t necessarily the best way to throw. Once everyone can stick the axe, you can compete against each other. Quite frankly it’s addicting. A great way to relax, get out some frustrations and have a great time with friends.

We allow walk-ins, but really suggest you reserve your time to enjoy this fun sport online. It’s easy to sign up.

Call (910) 458-5299 to reserve your lane and start time.


1. No Excessive Throwing

2. Only Overhead Throwing

3. No Foul Language (We are a family venue)

4. We can refuse the right to serve any individuals at our own discretion

5. Must wear closed toed shoes, no heels

6. Only one thrower in the throwing box at a time.

7. No drink in the lane

8. Axes do not leave the throwing area

9. Waiver must be signed before touching an axe

10. Keep hands off fences

11. Absolutely NO children under 16

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